JinkoSolar world’s first to achieve anti PID 85/85 1500v modules


JinkoSolar is the first PV module manufacturer to guarantee the capability of double IEC 62804 anti-PID standard for all of its PV modules. JinkoSolar’s 1,500V solar modules are guaranteed to steadily perform under 85℃/85% relative humidity condition (double 85) for 96 hours. While with our 1,000V solar modules, the guaranteed time has improved to 192 hours under the same conditions.

This result is a testament to the outstanding bill of materials of JinkoSolar’s PV modules, which provides enhanced quality and reliability assurance to the end users for stable operation and return on investment of PV installations, especially for those operating in hot and humid environment over their 25-year life span.

“JinkoSolar’s products deliver what is promised – over their entire service life. We thus take the decisive extra step in testing and assuring module reliability and performance in a way that far exceeds industry standards. We have doubled the PID resistance IEC standard for 100% of our modules from 96 to 192-hour at 1000 volt and 96-hour at 1500 volt under double 85 condition, thus offering our customers even better investment security for the system.” said Kangping Chen, CEO of JinkoSolar