Blue Sun Group invests in N Type with JinkoSolar Tiger N Expert Series

BRISBANE – JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd. (“JinkoSolar” or the “Company”) (NYSE: JKS), one of the largest and most innovative solar module manufacturers in the world, today confirmed that long standing partner Blue Sun Group has taken delivery of the high efficiency Tiger N type panels at their Brisbane facilities, with nationwide shipments occurring simultaneously.  Blue Sun Group is a successful distributor of JinkoSolar and other industry components, having completed more than 100 MW of JinkoSolar shipments in 2020.  JinkoSolar N type 370 watt joins other Jinko N type panels in the Expert Series stable, which is fast becoming the choice of experienced installers in the Australian rooftop market.  The investment by Blue Sun Solar in the N type panels solidifies the close working relationship between Blue Sun Group and JinkoSolar, and confirms the position of JinkoSolar as a technology leader in Australia. The Tiger N type modules are produced at JinkoSolar’s Haining and Shangrao facilities, co-located with their renowned R&D laboratories. JinkoSolar researchers are responsible for many of the innovations seen today in solar PV.


In affirmation of Blue Sun Solar’s strategy, Head of Australia for Jinko Solar Mr Bright Wang said: “JinkoSolar is proud of our continued technological innovation in Australia, and warmly congratulate Blue Sun Solar for their joint commitment with us to bring the latest innovations to Australia.”   JinkoSolar has previously shared that the Tiger N type panels in their Expert Series feature revolutionary strategies to improve performance, such as circular buswire and HOT 2.0 technology.


N type based solar panels form part of the trend towards higher efficiency recently gaining traction in the solar industry. Delivering an efficiency above 21%, panels like the 370 watt Tiger N type are designed to make the most of small rooftops as we begin the transition to a world with EVs and home battery storage options. This type of module is proving very successful with boutique installers skilled at explaining the benefits of N type to early adopters, which is part of the reason behind the Expert Series moniker. The Expert Series has a compelling warranty as well, with JinkoSolar offering 20 years product warranty on 370N in the Australian market. Such durability is now receiving more focus, which makes JinkoSolar’s status in reliability tests as a PVEL Top Performer even more relevant.


General Manager of Blue Sun Group Mr Hao Wu confirmed: “Blue Sun Group is pursuing leadership in the Australian solar distribution sector, and leading technology from JinkoSolar is a key part of that strategy. Our investment in JinkoSolar N type products is representative of our deep commitment to the Australian solar market.”  JinkoSolar N type offers the performance of a 370W panel in a form factor similar to that of 330W panels, and of course a much lighter than the typical 370W panel on the market today.  “Installers tell us they want class leading panels in a compact form-factor, without breaking their backs – or their bank balance,” Mr Wu said, continuing ” And with the 370N, Blue Sun Group is happy to oblige.”   The lightweight compact form factor of the Tiger 370N is a real point of difference for expert installers looking to differentiate themselves from the mass market.


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